Neglected Horses in Romania

Neglected Horses in Romania

After my visit to Romania and after a couple visits thereafter, it became obvious that horses still played an integral part in the daily lives of Romanians and they were heavily relied on for many and varied day to day tasks.

After an interesting interview with one of the very few equine vets in Chernavoda, Romania, it was clear to see that although horses were relied on day to day, they were not afforded the courtesy or care that would be required for horses working so hard and that were so heavily relied on.

In one particular area of Romania there is an estimated 20,000 horses in a 10-mile radius, yet there is only one known equine vet for that radius and further.  I think this stat itself explains that these horses’ needs are not met or considered.

Horses here in the UK see a vet regularly, whether that’s for their boosters, general health check-ups, worming. They also see physios twice a year, dentists once a year and farriers every 6 weeks. They are fed daily, provided shelter yet this is totally unheard of for the working horses of Romania.

You could argue their needs are in fact greater as they work for hours and hours every day. They are generally is a terrible condition with a low body score, malnourished with poor feet and teeth meaning these animals are working flat out in pain, excruciating pain.

Cherry Horse Welfare International see these horses we know they are there and we want to offer help to the people who simply do not understand or know they are not machines they are living feeling beings who need care and respect for the incredible jobs they do.