Caring for forgotten & neglected horses

Cherry Horse Welfare International sees these poor horses and we know they are there. We want to offer help to the people who simply do not understand or know they are not machines, they are living feeling beings who need care and respect for the incredible jobs they do.

We Need Your Help

It is your donations that help keep our projects going

Your Money

We give direct to source — every single penny you donate will go direct to making horses lives that little easier. Donate now

Your Time

We understand that so many of you will want to directly help these forgotten horses and sometimes don’t have enough money to donate or feel you have certain skills which would be far more effective in helping.

Your Equipment

We run collections where we gather up as much equipment as we can and will ship this to our associated charities in Romania. We desperately need bits, head collars, lead ropes and outdoor rugs. Any size any condition.